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This was definitely an epic adventure and one that I had known was on her bucket list since first meeting her 19 years ago. And here she was, finally ready to take on this BIG adventure, not only with her dad but also with our kids. Sidenote, while my wife is a loving, compassionate woman, she knew I would be a horrible travel companion and graced me with my own gift of staying home here in Pennsylvania for the six weeks. Weeks leading up to her trip, I recall looking at these six weeks as a gift, a gift most married men never have. All of my friends were jealous and asking what I had done to get such an unprecedented gift. My wife was suddenly the most admired woman among men everywhere! What would I do with these six weeks?

Individual of the most enjoyable lightweight entertainments in years! MovieAddict 11 January Blend Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson all together may seem the most unlikely affair to do since color televisions were first invented. But both of these actors are funny, in one approach or another--Chan through his innocence, Wilson through his sarcastic, snide remarks. Wilson is as impressive an actor at the same time as he is a writer--he shares character credits on such films as Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums. After Chon Wang mistakenly pronounced John Wayne meets up with Roy, the two choose to form an alliance and free the princess -- one for honor, the other for loads of capital awaiting them upon her safe advent back home in Imperial China's Ban City. Roy is a lousy wannabe cowboy who used to stage all finger and thumb train robberies along with his belt of thieves, who betrayed him after that left him for dead. He offers his help to Wang, and tries to play it cool, but he can't -- after all, he's not a very convincing cowboy.

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