How To Deal With A Problem Sleeper In Your Bed

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Add shipping protection to your order, and protect your precious cargo. That is, until your partner wakes you up with a bloodcurdling scream from yet another nightmare or their late-night TV watching habit due to their persistent insomnia. What do you do when your bedmate is a problem sleeper? While some people seem to squeak by on just a few hours, the majority of us require 7 to 9 hours of shuteye to feel and perform at our best. None of these traits are good looks. These symptoms can carry over into our personal and work relationships, especially if both parties are suffering from sleep deprivation.

He is coming to stay with her for a few weeks and they are sharing the same bed. Although I know he is definitely gay, it still makes me uncomfortable so as to she is sharing a bed along with another man, gay or otherwise. Is this just me being insecure before should he be sleeping on the perfectly good couch? Straight Single Chap Tyler Barnett : This is essentially a very difficult question without individual right answer. What seems to be the issue is that her acquaintance is a dude. With a penis. And whether he is gay before otherwise, thinking of another man all the rage bed with your lady is daunting. Be honest with your girlfriend after that explain that her sharing a band with ANY guy but you makes you uncomfortable. Ask her if she would mind you spending the dark next to a lesbian friend.

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