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Moria, on the Greek island of Lesbosis a symbolic place—a hinge between the Middle East and Europe, the eye of the needle through which migrants must pass as they travel from east to west, a pressure point between Istanbul and Brussels. It is where the collateral damage of contemporary history—Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey—crosses the threshold into Europe. Moria is where geopolitics becomes European politics becomes national politics. Every new arrival here could one day translate into rising poll numbers for right-wing parties across the Continent, parties divided by language and culture that find common ground in wanting to block these humans from entering.

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Altogether rights reserved. Home Sentence Generous Big-hearted sentence example generous. You've been a good deal too generous already. He's so big-hearted ; there's nothing he wouldn't accomplish for us. Helen wrote letters en route for the newspapers which brought many big-hearted replies. Dean smiled at the big-hearted offer.

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