How to Be Emotionally Supportive

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Or they may refer you to other experts. Don't feel that you should have to control these feelings on your own. Getting the help you need is important for your life and your health. Guilt If you feel guilty, know that many people with cancer feel this way. You may blame yourself for upsetting the people you love or worry that you're a burden in some way. Or you may envy other people's good health and be ashamed of this feeling. You might even blame yourself for lifestyle choices that you think could have led to your cancer. Remember that having cancer is not your fault.

You might offer physical support to a big cheese having trouble standing or walking, before financial support to a loved individual in a tight spot. Other kinds of support are important, too. Ancestor in your life like family members, friends, and even close co-workers, be able to help lift you up emotionally as a result of offering social and emotional support. Can you repeat that? it is People show emotional aid for others by offering genuine back-up, reassurance, and compassion. This might add in things like verbal expressions of agreement or physical gestures of affection.

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