Love and Pregnancy: 5 Ways Pregnancy Will Change Your Relationship

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Pregnancy can be hard, but when you hate being pregnant, it definitely comes with its own unique set of challenges. So many pregnant people, myself included, struggle with the challenges that being pregnant can bring. I can think of 1, different reasons why you might struggle with pregnancy. To name a few:. The physical aspects of being pregnant, from the first trimester fog to hyperemesis to vulvar varicose veins to the discomfort of the third trimester, all affect us differently. Some people sail through pregnancy with nary a swollen ankle, but then others of us cough, cough get swollen everywhere and need 10 minutes of pep talk before they can even attempt rolling over in bed. During my first pregnancy, I lost 15 pounds from puking so much, and by my last pregnancy, I would cry when it was bedtime because I knew it was another long night of not sleeping and trying to get comfortable.

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