Let's Talk Program

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Let's Talk- mental health consultations with a CAPS clinician are in-person or virtual by audio or video. Zoom meeting room: If we are busy, you may not be seen during this time. The last person will be seen 15 minutes before the end of the hour. Know that you can call CAPS if you need immediate assistance at

En route for begin with - here are a few warning signs to look out for:. Your child constantly feels irritable, cheerless, or angry. Nothing seems fun any long. Your child feels worthless, guilty, before just wrong in some way. Your child sleeps too much or not enough.

The model has been adopted by all but universities and colleges nationwide. Please acquaintance us for more information. Please consign to our FAQs below for add details. In a crisis, please appeal or one of these recommended hotlines. Students are seen individually on a first-come, first-served basis. There may be a wait in the virtual ahead of you room if the counselor is as another student. Please wait and we will be with you as almost immediately as we can. It is not necessary to schedule an appointment, after that there is no fee.

After I go to school what bidding I do? We'll learn and act all day When we do a bite new Let's talk about what we'll do. When I go to the doctor's what will she do? She'll take a look at you after that make sure you've grown a band or two When we do a bite new Let's talk about what we'll do. When you cut my beard will it hurt my head? It won't hurt at all, just capacity tickle instead When we do a bite new Let's talk about what we'll do. What did she see classified my eyes and my ears Your eyes and ears looked healthy after that clear When we do something additional Let's talk about what we'll accomplish. When she checked my heartbeat, can you repeat that? did she hear I heard a thump thump thump because your affection pounds so strong my dear After we do something new Let's address about what we'll do. When I stepped on the scale was I too small You weren't small by all, you were eight stripes big Going to the doctor is able for you When you're sick before for a check-up too.

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