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A hysterically funny tale of Lux's hot pursuit of the 3 R's: relationships, real estate, and erotica. Welcome to the New York City of the Tuesday Erotica Club, in which four women from different worlds get together once a week to read their erotic fantasies and share their latest real-life adventures in sex, finance, and friendship. Lux Fitzgerald grew up in a family more affected by incarceration rates than interest rates. But she's determined to blaze her own trail, and has gone deeply into debt to buy a neglected mansion to jump start her real estate empire. Surrounded by an old flame restoring the house, a hoodlum mortgage broker, and a gorgeous neighborhood fireman, Lux is destined to either drown in debt or catch fire with opportunities. Lux isn't the only club member who's in over her head, but these women stick together in times of trouble? This is a wild, laugh-out-loud story about women who mean business. Enhance your purchase.

After she sees an interesting listing designed for tantric massage, she clicks on the link and is surprised to accompany graphic illustrations of the company's Goddesses massaging a man and woman's clandestine areas. Intrigued, Jade books a delicate appointment and when she shows ahead at the masseuse's private studio, she's greeted by a sexy African-American child in a revealing bodysuit. For the next ninety minutes, she's teased after that feted with the most intimate knead she'd ever received. But when the introductory session ends with her balanced on the edge of ultimate announce, she eagerly books a follow-up assembly.

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