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What exactly did you expect from? Seasoned Leader So your first IT gig is a boring stable environment where you have a large amount of autonomy and a leadership team who wants you to lead others, but you still want to become the technical guru you envision overseeing the computer science directorate of a fortune corporation. Technology is always changing, there is so much you need to learn to catch up, and you just can't afford to sit by and watch your dreams pass you by Sound vaguely familiar? It's good to notice the disconnect early, and actually rather impressive that you had the courage to ask others for some advice. It means you're perceptive, intelligent, and in touch with your inner motivation

At present, we're exploring five qualities of candid individuals. Don't like it? Too abysmal. Honest people don't obsess over can you repeat that? peers think of them. They austerely are who they are, and erstwhile people can take it or abandon it. They Stand Up for Their Beliefs. Honest individuals don't go looking for fights, but they also aren't afraid to speak their mind. Candid people will state their opinions constant when their beliefs are against the majority.

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