The Gentleman's Guide to a One-Night Stand

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It was going to be one of those breakfasts. I got comfortable. On a fantasy scale, they were pretty tame. But he raised an interesting point. Is it easier to explore the possibilities of your erotic imagination with someone you barely know? Is a person with no prior knowledge, and no preconceived notions, the best fantasy-sex buddy you can get? Or are you better off with someone you can trust — someone you love? You meet, you talk — usually you drink — then the playground is negotiated, and the play ensues. So why not suggest slipping into something a little more latex-y.

Attach 51 Shares There's something undeniably sexy about a one night stand. Along with no strings attached and no expectations, you're free to enjoy yourself en route for the fullest. But how do you meet women willing to have a one night stand? Curious how en route for find one night stand girls, after that how to close the deal after you do? This is the channel for you.

You want sex. She wants sex. Begin passionate no-commitment sexytimes. Finish passionate no-commitment sexytimes. Wash face. Thanks for the memories, you! But in practice, there's no such thing as a charming one-night stand. Awkwardness is unavoidable.

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