Smart Toys for Every Age

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If you've ever marveled at the look of concentration on the face of a child who tries to fit a square block into a square hole or catch a ball in mid-air, you know that playtime isn't just about fun and games. It's serious business — and toys are the tools of the trade. Here is an age-wise guide to how kids play, and to the toys that entertain and help kids understand the world, learn social and emotional skills, and stimulate a developing brain. Play in the first year of life is all about exploration. Babies use their five senses to learn about the interesting new world around them: Does an object feel hard or soft?

Toys are an important and fun amount of every child's development. But they can come with risks too. Bitter is a hazard for kids ages 3 or younger, because they attend to to put objects in their mouths. So it's important for parents en route for check out their children's toys after that supervise when kids play. Steer absolve of older toys, even hand-me-downs as of friends and family. Those toys capacity have sentimental value and are absolutely less expensive, but they may not meet current safety standards and can be so worn from play so as to they can break and become dangerous. And make sure a toy isn't too loud for your child.

All the rage addition to being safe see Protection and children's toys belowgood toys designed for young children need to match their stages of development and emerging abilities. Many safe and appropriate play materials are free items typically found by home. As you read the next lists of suggested toys for children of different ages, keep in attend to that each child develops at an individual pace. Items on one list—as long as they are safe—can be good choices for children who are younger and older than the suggested age range. Babies like to air at people—following them with their eyes. Typically, they prefer faces and brainy colors. Babies can reach, be fascinated with what their hands and feet can do, lift their heads, aim their heads toward sounds, put things in their mouths, and much more!

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