Ex-Mesa police officer charged in molestations decades after case closed

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Carl Creamer, 44, was taken into custody in Phoenix and booked on three counts of sexual assault, two counts of kidnapping and one count each of attempted sex assault and sex abuse, the Mesa Police Department said Monday. A similar incident occurred 10 days later in a parking lot near Southern Avenue and Stapley Drive. The victim told police the man hit her in the head with a gun while she resisted his attack, but she was able to get out of the truck and escape. Police said that a Ford F pickup truck matching the one involved in the assaults and registered to Creamer was identified through a tip after they released a crime bulletin about the cases on Saturday. The truck identified by the tipster was parked on the side of Phoenix residence. Police took Creamer into custody without incident. Investigators served search warrants at both residences and found evidence connected to the crimes, including a gun and clothing matching descriptions given by the victims. Follow KTAR Have a story idea or tip?

Arrange December 2, , just before p. Southern Ave Mesa, AZ. While using the restroom, the boy noticed a cell phone propped up against the toilet in the stall next en route for him. With clever thinking, the child made a video recording on his cell phone of what he was seeing.

Prosecutors have agreed to drop sexual-assault charges against a former Mesa police administrator in exchange for his police documentation and a promise to never ask for a job as a law-enforcement administrator or security guard anywhere in the United States. The deal, agreed en route for Tuesday in the chambers of Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Roland Steinle, allows Justin Cherry, a father of three, to avoid a potential decade behind bars if he had been convicted. The settlement comes after Steinle granted a motion to remand, before send the case back to the grand jury, in January, a atypical occurence that usually signals a achilles' heel in a criminal case. Jerry Cobb, a spokesman for the Maricopa District Attorney's Office, confirmed the details of the agreement. Although it would be technically possible for prosecutors to refile the charges, they have agreed not to do so unless Cherry breaks the agreement by applying for a different job as a police officer. We wish it never came to this but we do believe that acceptability prevailed. Cherry, a year veteran, was fired by the Mesa Police Administrative area after an internal affairs investigation. Cerise was indicted on the original sexual-assault charges and a child molestation accusation. Robert Kavanagh, Cherry's defense attorney, argued in his motion to remand so as to prosecutors and Mesa police presented artificial and misleading testimony to the creative grand jury by omitting important in a row about the context of the argument.

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