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If you're anything like us, you don't need any extra excuses to get it on, but it turns out that certain moments can be even better than others for having sex. Total game-changer, right? Check out the best times ever to get busy:. Before a Big Presentation Research shows that having sex calms nerves, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. One study even found that people who had sex before a public speaking experiment were the least stressed! In the Morning Seriously, your body was made for morning sex. Not a bad way to start off your day, huh? When You're Feeling a Little Under the Weather It may seem counterintuitive, but studies show that having sex can actually boost your immune system.

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Timing is important for, say, landing a dream job or catching a auction. But here's some intimate info: It's also crucial when it comes en route for sex! You've probably heard that the ideal time of the month en route for get pregnant is when you're ovulating usually in the middle of your menstrual cycle, between day 11 after that 21, depending on the personbut you may not realize that certain times of the day, month and day are best for other sexual goals. For a more satisfying sex lifehere's when to get busy if you….

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