Your 3 ½-year-old: Milestones and development

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Drawing out bedtime Mastering motor skills Look at me! Mom, look at me! Her growing bravery on the playground may make you wince sometimes, not that she notices. She loves showing off new skills. As well she should - she's enormously proud of them.

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Choose read my disclaimer. Check out these top 10 toddler photography tips accordingly you can get gorgeous pictures of your little one! Toddlers are notoriously hard to get good pictures of. Any backdrops that you use be obliged to be secured. You are responsible designed for ensuring the safety of your children or anyone else you photograph. This tip is especially important for younger toddlers, who have learned to amble recently enough that they do it every waking minute. Have your camera out and ready before you assemble the toddler down because he can only stay there a moment before two — but even a a small amount of moments of stillness is better than running around like a crazy person snapping photos while calling to the kid to please just stop after that look! Toddler Photography Tip 2: Allocate her something to hold.

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