Lying and porn addiction

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Source: Getty Images Jul. So is it any surprise that Kanye West is a self-confessed sex addict? In he told Details magazine that his drive comes from having a sexual addiction at a really young age. But the star's ex-boyfriend, Riley Giles, a snowboarder she met in rehab, took it a step further, accusing her of being a sex addict and a nymphomaniac. The mouthy Brit has gone on record to say that, in addition to being addicted to heroin, cocaine and booze, in he sought treatment at a Philadelphia center to cure his sex compulsion. Soon after, he checked himself into the Sierra Tuscon facility, which specializes in sex and drug addiction. Drew for sex addiction, which included compulsive masturbation. Shortly after, his wife, model Erin Nordegren, filed for divorce.

I did everything for you. I worked, gave you all of my paychecks, took care of the kids, hold in reserve an absolutely spotless home, had your dinner ready precisely at every dark and your laundry was always done. What did you do for me? Well, a lot of things essentially, but because you were looking by videos of 18 year olds after that people having sex, everything you did for me was just one adult lie!

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