6 Truths About Teens and Dating

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In adolescence parents and children often begin to spend more time apart. But teenagers still need strong relationships with parents to feel safe and secure as they meet the challenges of adolescence. Staying connected with your teenage child is about building closeness in your relationship by being available and responsive to your child. Your child is also more likely to come to you with problems. Teenagers who have stable, warm, trusting and open relationships with their parents are better equipped to develop independence and grow into responsible adults. Casual connecting is a way of using everyday interactions to build positive relationships. You can also actively try to create opportunities for casual connecting.

After I was 14 years old, I boarded a plane for a weeklong backpacking trip in the Rocky Mountains. For a week, we were en route for live as close to the acquire as possible. We crafted our accept bowls and knives, made fires along with bow drills, caught fish with our own hands, and stalked elk designed for hours. Want to help high schoolers find purpose?

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