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The other day at the post office, I became aware of how I categorize men. I instinctively smiled at a white-haired old man wearing a baggy white shirt and an odd-shaped straw hat who held open a door for me. I realized that if he had been young and attractive, I probably would have 1 gazed off cooly into space and brushed past, or 2 smiled back at him self-consciously, lips pressed together. If he had been middle-aged with a prosperous paunch, I might have frowned at him, even insisted that he go through the door first. I go for men with longer hair and beards. Men can express themselves better when they let those curls dangle, and let their facial hair grow the way it wants to. These sweet-smelling shirt-and-tie types seldom appeal to me esthetically. Yet when a man describes another man to me, I hear his height, build and a vague stab at hair color. Do cultural differences divide the sexes on such a basic level as visualization?

The first officer on the scene blemish her sitting against the divider all the rage the center of the freeway although cars sped past her. After she saw him, she hopped over the divider and took off running athwart four lanes of traffic, forcing drivers to swerve and slam on their brakes to keep from hitting her. She ended up turning around after that heading back into traffic a combine of more times before suddenly dip to her belly right in the middle of the freeway. The female, identified as year-old Elizabeth Aleman, was arrested and transported to the Wichita County Jail, where she was electric with obstructing a highway and evading arrest. Aleman has a lengthy apprehend record including arrests for criminal encroach, assault family violence and harassment of a public servant, among other things. In September ofshe was arrested designed for arson after setting a couch arrange fire inside her mobile home. Johnny Thrash Published: June 23, This female is lucky to be alive.

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