Where to Find Financial Help as a Single Mom

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While society's commitment to promoting equality for all parents is only getting stronger, social perceptions of single moms and single dads still vary greatly. Let's investigate the disparities and pinpoint how we can do better to support all solo parents. We know all too well that while raising a child in a two-parent household is tough, raising a child solo is a whole different ballgame. And it's one that more and more parents are having to take on. In the United States, the most recent census data found that while most sole-parent families with kids under 18 are overseen by a mother 8. While many studies on single parenthood focus on the health and wellbeing of single mothers, there is not much data out there to look to on single fathers.

Can you repeat that? she's looking for? A good-looking chap who makes a decent living after that understands that her kids come at the outset. How dare she. This time, a man wrote into the forum asking, AITA for telling my single mom sister she should get more accurate when it comes to her dating standards? So, he says, she asked her brother for a guy's opinion. God forbid a woman looks designed for a decent guy who can abide care of himself and is Acceptable with the idea that the kids—and not himself—come first. Users immediately started pouring in to comment, calling the original poster out for his behavior.

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