All Men Are Perverts

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A pervert is a player ever lusting after women. A serious man is a lover, faithful to one woman. A pervert is irrational and wants to act on the heat of the moment. A serious man is patient and disciplined, his interest is long term. A pervert fills his phone with porn.

As a result of Ness , August 10, in Child Talk. Oh and grabbing a girls breast or butt when you don't know her etc you get the general idea PS its not actually perverted if your checking a child out. I do the same along with 'hot' guys. Well a pervert child for me is that boy so as to just wanna touch u, that barely wants sex but i mean all the rage a bad way , someone so as to likes weird things i dont appreciate

The tendency for all men within a work of fiction to think above all with their penises. As such they will be constantly trying to glance up girls' skirts or into the girl's locker room and will attempt out of their way often en route for absurd lengths to either catch a glimpse of something naughty or achieve a minuscule chance of doing the deed. Whenever they actually get a peek at a woman's breasts , they lose all brain function. This trope is often used as an excuse to hand male characters the Idiot Ball. Men will become catatonic, prove unable to think straight , get massive nosebleeds , etc. But a man shows any amount of interest in a woman, it's alleged to be sexual. This trope is so prevalent that, if a manly character is not being lecherous about women, he is often assumed en route for be either gay, completely asexual , or just not right in the head. This leads to Unfortunate Implications for any male-female relationship between characters that would normally not involve femininity. Any contact, be it between ancestor members, at the workplace, or constant in a celibate organization has the potential to be treated as perverted; especially when law enforcement is catch up, regardless of the truth.

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