Pride and Prejudice

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But I have never let lack of wisdom stop me. I cannot resist the challenge of making a list. I know it is a delicate business; it is holy ground. Woodrow has just buried Gus and puts up the grave marker made of the famous Hat Creek Cattle Company sign. Right after Gus has cut the cards with Lorie and she accuses him of cheating. Gus finds July Johnson burying his son, and Jenny and Rosco. July is naturally distraught, blaming himself, saying he should have stayed with them. This quote punctuates the scene when Jake Spoon must be hanged along with the murdering horse thieves he has thrown in with. Jake pleads his case but Gus has little sympathy.

It was too early in the break of day for visitors, and besides, the equipage did not answer to that of any of their neighbours. The horses were post; and neither the bearing, nor the livery of the servant who preceded it, were familiar en route for them. As it was certain, but, that somebody was coming, Bingley at once prevailed on Miss Bennet to avert the confinement of such an disturbance, and walk away with him addicted to the shrubbery. They both set bad, and the conjectures of the remaining three continued, though with little agreement, till the door was thrown ajar and their visitor entered. It was Lady Catherine de Bourgh. They were of course all intending to be surprised; but their astonishment was afar their expectation; and on the amount of Mrs. Bennet and Kitty, all the same she was perfectly unknown to them, even inferior to what Elizabeth felt. She entered the room with an air more than usually ungracious, made no other reply to Elizabeth's acknowledgment than a slight inclination of the head, and sat down without saying a word.

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