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A bevy of cords that don't make sense. And endless frustration because he can't find his keys. Solve these huge issues in one fell swoop with this valet tray, which is made from Italian leather. It powers up iPhones and AirPods, and has room for his sundries that otherwise go missing. Choucroute Garnie Gift Set by Olympia Provisions The Alsace region in France borders German and Switzerland, and come winter, families there dig into a hearty dish of sausage, and other salted meats, sauerkraut, and potatoes.

Anywhere are you kids going this evening? Connor and I need to address with you about something important. After I was your age, I was fucking my brains out. Rose has told me that you have fucked her many times and that you might be willing to show me how to do it right. Mac…Mom never fucked me nor did she even ever suck me off. I sit between Rose and Connor after that put my arms around them equally. It makes me proud and honored that you feel comfortable enough en route for come to me with this badly behave.

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