Girlfriend gets too wet

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Picture me sliding your underwear off and sliding my tongue across your clit. Fully clothed pictures of you are enough to make me hard. I never knew a girl could be cute and sexy and beautiful at the same time. Your naked body is the most beautiful thing in all of existence.

After making love with my girlfriend, she says she gets too wet, doesn't like it, and would like en route for know if there is anything she can do to lessen the condensation just a bit. Vaginal lubrication all through sex is usually a good dial of arousal. Many women get actual wet when aroused, while others allow difficulties getting wet enough for agreeable intercourse. The volume of fluid be able to vary greatly from person to person, and can fluctuate for a female throughout her menstrual cycle. Other factors that can affect vaginal secretions add in diet, stress, medications, certain types of birth control methods including hormonal after that intrauterine devices , infections, and pregnancy. Has your girlfriend always gotten this wet? Is there any odor before other symptoms associated with her wetness? Though variations corresponding to changes all the rage hormone levels are to be accepted, a sudden change in color, odor, consistency or amount can indicate a larger medical issue. A few achievable medical issues associated with excessive condensation include cervicitis , atrophic vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis , a sexually transmitted bug STI , or a yeast bug.

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