‘I don’t want sex with anyone’: the growing asexuality movement

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Not wanting sex is not the same as not wanting romance or intimacy — something, its advocates say, the rest of us would benefit from learning Sun 21 Mar But when the then-teenager came out as asexual, no one believed her. Last September saw the release of Acea critically acclaimed book by asexual journalist Angela Chen. It illuminates the myriad shades of asexuality via a series of real-life profiles.

Us photographed by Erika Bowes. Ever wondered what you'd say to a analyst, given the chance? We asked a cognitive analytic therapist with over 30 years' clinical experience for advice arrange the things we worry about all the rage private. Question: I have had a small amount to no sex drive in above 12 months, and though I am currently having tests to rule absent oestrogen issues, I am almost a few it is an issue of the mind. I am in a continuing relationship three years , and we have lived together for half of that.

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