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Slumping in front of the telly while consuming your own body weight in cheese may feel like the path of least resistance but getting out and about to explore Scotland is a great way to blow away the cobwebs. Here, we pick some of our favourite winter adventures from scenic drives and wildlife safaris to cosy boltholes, pub walks and the best places to eat hearty food. Stargazing The Christmas star gets a lot of column inches around this time of year but there's plenty of other celestial events to look out for. This month, it's the Geminid meteor shower that takes centre stage. Peaking on the night of December 14, it is one of the few major showers produced by the stream of debris from an asteroid rather than a comet. According to the Royal Observatory Greenwich, the meteors contain traces of metals such as sodium and calcium — similar to fireworks — which produce bright, multi-coloured bursts of light mainly white, some yellow and a few green, red and blue. Scotland has world-renowned dark skies free from light pollution, such as in Galloway Forest Park and around Tomintoul and Glenlivet in the Cairngorms. Nor do you need to venture too far: travelling a few miles outside built-up areas can open up a whole new perspective of the light show unfolding above our heads. Visit rmg.

Who can resist the tug of homesickness for the days when wild hormonal fluctuations ruled every decision, when absurd and superficial beliefs could define personhood, and when it felt like denial one understood you despite how a good deal you tried desperately to fit all the rage and not say the wrong affair, for fear of mass reprisal so as to could end life as you knew it? Yes, those were heady times. Fortunately, Netflix has made it at ease for you to reminisce about the halcyon days of yore without assembly you ever leave your couch. Afterwards the first couple episodes of all season, the more immature material falls to the background, allowing the act to satirize high school, race after that class, and today's criminal justice approach in a surprisingly meaningful way. En route for pull it off, the co-creators calculated the techniques that made them accordingly invested in such true-crime titans at the same time as Serial, Making a Murderer, and The Jinx.

Amuse your brain with the coolest gossip from streaming to superheroes, memes en route for video games. Marvel Studios There are few comics I would deem awkward to be made in today's become old. With special effects as good at the same time as they are, every superhero can be featured in a movie or Box show, but the What If amusing is different. A favorite of abundance in the '90s when I was heavy into comics, What If asked the questions comic book fans all the time had running in their minds. It seemed impossible because these comics were made for just one book after that that's it. Then came the broadcast of Marvel's What If, and en route for my shock, the geniuses at Amazing thing Studios actually did it. They assiduously created nine episodes that answer a few questions fans of the MCU had while also making these stories tied into each other. More importantly, the show made already compelling characters constant more compelling.

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