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Reasons You Might Need a Sperm Donor Published on October 18, by SCRC Contributor Share this on social media: Donor reproduction or third party reproduction is a process where someone other than the intended parent or parents provides DNA in the form of an egg or sperm or gestation through surrogacy to help bring a baby into the world. While sperm donation has often been the butt of jokes in the media and the process is often misunderstood, third party reproduction of this type is a very routine part of modern fertility treatment. Sperm donors make it possible for all kinds of families to welcome a new child into their lives, and we think the subject deserves a spotlight. How does sperm donation work? In a medical context, sperm donation is a highly controlled, discreet process. Registered sperm donations are managed by sperm banks or agencies which keep meticulous records. Donors are carefully screened: at some major sperm banks only about one in every hundred applicants is accepted. Potential donors undergo extensive psychological, genetic and STI testing before they donate, and in order to ensure that there is no risk of transmitting an infectious disease such as HIV, the Food and Drug Association FDA requires that all donated sperm be frozen for a period of 6 months. At the 6-month mark, the donor is retested to confirm that they are disease free before the sperm becomes available for use.

After you submit your application to be converted into a sperm donor, we process the contact information you have given us in order to book time designed for sperm sample sas well as acquaintance you with reminders, general information after that results. Your initial sperm samples bidding be used to screen your sperm quality in relation to our domestic requirements. In addition, residues from your samples can be anonymized and old for development and research. The broadcast of sperm quality is not analytic and cannot replace a doctor's appointment. Apply now Other donors What our donors say I always knew so as to I wanted to become a dad someday. Would I consider adopting?

Using a known sperm donor — your legal rights What are the above-board implications of using a known sperm donor? More and more women are using sperm donors to get charged, often because they are in a same sex relationship or are definite but feel ready to have a child. These two questions are interlinked, as under the law you be able to only use an unknown sperm benefactor through a licensed organisation. It is unlawful for an unlicensed organisation en route for provide you with a sperm appraise. Often, a licensed clinic will not allow you to take the sperm sample home to use, so you may find that the only approach to use an unknown donor is at a clinic. It is central to note that if a adolescent is conceived via intercourse the birth father will always be considered the legal parent, regardless of whether before not they are named on the birth certificate. Using an unknown benefactor at a licensed clinic Most women who use a licensed fertility consultant use unknown donor sperm. There are strict rules for the selection of donors which consider their health, delicate and family medical history and become old.

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