The definitive playlist of songs about butts

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Welcome to I Should Have Said where we teach verbal self-defense and how to stand up for yourself the easy way. If you have a big booty, be proud! Years ago, only the Latino and Black culture celebrated bigger butts. Now that has moved into mainstream culture. A lot of women are paying big money to get the look that you already have. To get a bigger booty, women are now getting fat taken from their waist and injected into their buttocks.

A good number people think the biggest news this week was all about the being race landing a probe on a comet, but did the comet breaktheinternet? It did not. To be adequate, neither did the picture of Kim Kardashian that appeared on Paper Arsenal this week, even though it promised to do so by placing her butt front and center. The internet remains sound. For now. In honor of Kim, let's see what a playlist of celebratory butt songs does to it. Destiny's Child's Bootylicious kicks off this butt-centric playlist with a repetitive drum beat and soaring duets. JLo's Booty sounds gratingly repetitive arrange a first listen, but the blend of Lopez's vocals and Azalea's speak-singing actually creates different levels for a song that takes as its abstain Throw up your hands if you love a big booty.

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