Teens Talk About Cutting

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Sometimes people tell us about the feelings and emotions that surround cutting. Others share their ideas on how they stopped. Of course, the reasons why people cut are very different. That's why you don't see any personal details here — just experiences and a desire to help from the people who've been there. If possible, put away the knife or razor blade or whatever it is, and talk to the person. Thank them for loving you. When I wanted to cut, I would get out my notebook instead. A lot of my friends used to cut some still doand write poems, so sharing with them helped a lot. I haven't cut since my 13th birthday, and I feel so much better.

A good number people in this situation will air some or all of emotions A through D: angry, sad, hurt, after that excluded. It's not as likely so as to someone who is left out bidding feel confused, nervous, embarrassed, or apathetic. Being able to predict how erstwhile people might feel is a amount of emotional intelligence EQ for abrupt. It's a skill we can altogether develop with practice. When we absorb how other people are likely en route for feel, it can guide our interactions with them. For example, in the party example above, what if Paula asks: Are you going to Regan's party? You might say or avert saying! I feel awkward telling you. Is it true she didn't ask you?

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