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She is surrounded by a hateful crowd of angry white people, including a girl caught mid-jeer, her teeth bared and her face hardened with anger. Hazel Bryan was just 15 when the photo was taken, but her actions on September 4, —and the hatred on her face—turned her into an infamous symbol of the bigotry of Jim Crow and the intolerance faced by the students who tried to go to school that day. An alternate-angle view of Elizabeth Eckford on her first day of school, in a photo taken by an Associated Press photographer. Hazel Bryan can be seen behind her in the crowd. Three years earlier, the Supreme Court ruled the segregation of public schools unconstitutional. But in a South ruled by the brutality of Jim Crow, many whites clung to segregation. Like other Southern states, Arkansas dragged its feet, and when the Supreme Court tried to force integration with a second landmark decision, the Little Rock school board decided it would integrate its schools over a period of many years. Eckford and her fellow black students were entitled to attend Central High under the law, but city officials gerrymandered the district in a way that would have forced the majority of black students to attend a different school than whites.

She was depicted in an iconic get something on film made by photojournalist Will Counts performance her shouting at Elizabeth Eckfordone of the Little Rock Nineduring the discipline integration crisis. On her way en route for the school, a group of ashen teenage girls followed Eckford, chanting Two, four, six, eight! We don't absence to integrate! Benjamin Fine of The New York Times later described her as screaming, just hysterical, just akin to one of these Elvis Presley a scream deals, where these kids are fainting with hysteria. Go back to Africa! After the photo became public, Hazel started to receive critical mail, above all from the North.

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