10 Facts About Amelia Earhart

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But our next guest is trying to change that. She is Mariana de Miguel, who goes by the name Girl Ultra. And Girl Ultra is with us now to tell us more about it from her studio in Mexico City. Girl Ultra, thank you so much for joining us. And I was thinking about going solo, and I felt like I needed a name that empowered me that way. So I just wanted - I just did, like, this superheroine-ish ph thing. I just brainstormed, and it just came out. And I feel very comfortable with that alter ego thing. And I think it's fair to say you're one of the few artists making this type of music there.

After that, when the pilot flew her a minute ago a couple hundred feet in the air, Amelia knew she had en route for fly. When her team landed all the rage Wales 21 hours later, she became the first woman to fly athwart the Atlantic, a record that was just one of many. Later, the pilot became the first woman after that the second person to fly alone across the Atlantic. She also became the first person to fly alone across the Pacific. Then, shortly afterwards her flight across the Pacific, Amelia became the first to fly alone from Mexico City to Newark. Arrange June 1, , Earhart left Miami for her final flight. She hoped to become the first woman en route for circumnavigate the globe.

Add than seven-hundred-thousand people attended this day. I'm Doug Johnson. And I'm Bobble Doughty. Almost all states in America have a state fair. They abide place in August, September or October each year. They last for individual, two or three weeks. People as of all over Indiana and from a lot of other states and countries attended the fair last month. They came en route for see the animals, rodeos, exhibits after that contests.

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