Is It Proper Grammar to Say “Looking Forward to Talking to You”?

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Everyone will be coming for a drink or bite to eat. This is the perfect spot to initiate friendly conversation. Concert or club where there is dancing — The area between the dance floor and the seating area. This is where girls will be walking to the dance floor or coming from the dance floor. Women will notice this and will naturally gravitate towards you. Do not be that scowling guy in the corner or spending the entire time with your head down in your phone. Would you want to be around that person?

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This phrase would be especially appropriate after you would like to follow ahead on something that you have discussed briefly, requiring a further conversation by a later stage. In this clause, we will look at how English speakers use this expression. Talk vs. And your new friend might reply: Great. Both interactions signal a activist desire to meet and talk all over again in the future. So, we capacity better phrase the expression to about exactly what you mean. Does agree with you?

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