The History of Will’s Girlfriends on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ as Told by Will’s Girlfriends

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Many ancient cultures prized mistletoe for its healing properties—and its romantic symbolism. The Greeks were known to use it as a cure for everything from menstrual cramps to spleen disorders, and the Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder noted it could be used as a balm against epilepsy, ulcers and poisons. Because mistletoe could blossom even during the frozen winter, the Druids came to view it as a sacred symbol of vivacity, and they administered it to humans and animals alike in the hope of restoring fertility. Another famous chapter in mistletoe folklore comes from Norse mythology. But Frigg neglected to consult with the unassuming mistletoe, so the scheming god Loki made an arrow from the plant and saw that it was used to kill the otherwise invincible Baldur. According to one sunnier version of the myth, the gods were able to resurrect Baldur from the dead. Delighted, Frigg then declared mistletoe a symbol of love and vowed to plant a kiss on all those who passed beneath it. Just how it made the jump from sacred herb to holiday decoration remains up for debate, but the kissing tradition appears to have first caught on among servants in England before spreading to the middle classes. As part of the early custom, men were allowed to steal a kiss from any woman caught standing under the mistletoe, and refusing was viewed as bad luck.

I started off all nice, and after that when we got to dinner, I just turned on him. The psycho bitch showed up. That was her part; she really owned it. Accordingly when I did get offered the role to play his girlfriend, I figured it would be fun. Nia Long: I met Will, we talked for a little bit and after that I hung out and watched their process, and then I did individual episode. I guess that one affair was sort of my audition, after that then after that, they invited me back to do most of the following season.

Designed for most of us, first base was always a kiss. Noah's Arc: Fourth date is an exaggeration, but its revealed early on that Chance after that Eddie have only known each erstwhile for six months at the advantage of the series, considering marriage after that get married very soon into the series and are moving in all together. Some prefer to take it brake so their partner is completely affluent. Kiss The Sky.

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