7 Healthy Reasons You Should Have Sex — Right Now!

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Sex anxiety: How can you overcome it? Written by Maria Cohut, Ph. Feeling anxious sometimes about our prowess between the sheets is normal, but when it happens repeatedly, this can affect our quality of life. So, what can you do to dispel the doubts and lead a healthy sex life? Sexual anxiety — or sexual performance anxiety — is something that affects men and women of all ages, regardless of how much experience they have with intercourse.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this clause. How to combat stress and angst to have better sex Sexual fitness expert Samantha Evans explains why femininity and stress don't have to be enemies It must also encourage your partner to take some responsibilities bad your shoulders. Research has shown so as to sharing the chores is one of the secrets to a good affiliation, as getting help at home be able to help you feeling less tired after that more in the mood for femininity. Enjoy prolonged foreplay, intimate massage before just kiss and cuddle to bring down those stress levels.

Accomplishment cozy can keep you calm after that reduce risk of disease. Getty Images Want to clear your complexion, advance your mood, and cut your attempt of cancer, heart disease, and erstwhile health hazards? Nobody says you allow to be with someone to accomplish that. A study published in January in the American Journal of Cardiology found that men who had femininity twice weekly or more had a lesser amount of risk of cardiovascular diseases, like blow or heart attack, than those who had sex once a month before less.

Delve into shows a great way to area off anxiety is by connecting all the rage bed. Grab your partner and air tension slip away. Stress affects me just as much as the after that woman. I break out. I be converted into short-tempered. And, of course, I access for the nearest chocolate. But agonize never seems to rock my femininity life.

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