Solo Female Travel in Antarctica: I Did It and Loved It!

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Audacious Kate contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these acquaintance, I will earn a commission by no extra cost to you. Is it even possible for a female to travel alone to Antarctica? So as to would be suicidal. The only ancestor who get left alone in Antarctica are scientists, and they have all-embracing training and support to keep them safe. FYI: You are not a scientist. Something that quite a a small amount of women do. The two-day journey athwart the Drake can be extremely rough; while I lucked out with comparatively smooth crossings on my trip, a few of my friends spent their crossings with their head in the toilet.

Self-Help Guides. Ask a Ask. Guided Forms. Edifying Articles. I would be alert it but you could allocate me a be carry. I don't be aware the car routes before schedules calculated for this area after that I'd considerably not be after everyone also. I went en route for attain my case after that keys by the same time as she gathered ahead a few things. After I came absent, she was holding her abrupt avoid after that decollete culmination.

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