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Family and Religion will, over the next few weeks, share with you stories of single, successful women who are open to changing their status but are still very selective about who they choose and who are not afraid to make their standards known. Michelle Jones leads a busy life as a health and lifestyle coach and fitness instructor and has been single for the past four years. Much like the experiences of other single women, she says that the pool of men she has so far stumbled on does not cut it. She believes a common misconception men have of women is that all they need is their sexual desires fulfilled. Jones said that in the same way other women, and even men, have their preferences, she has a list of preferences and does not believe in compromising on those preferences. I am a sapiosexual. If you are not able to stimulate my brain in the first five minutes of conversation, I lose interest. I want someone who knows what their purpose is and is working towards that.

Vladimir Savchuk is a rising spiritual ability to speak that God is using to deeply impact this generation. He is a gifted speaker with an emphasis arrange rarely-addressed spiritual topics such as devout warfare, deliverance and the Holy Apparition. Pastor Vlad is declaring ancient truths in a modern way. He is married to his beautiful wife, Lana, with whom he enjoys spending age and doing ministry together. Enhance your purchase. Dating and marriage are almost certainly the most talked about topics along with young people and even adults. It makes sense, since choosing a husband is the second most important assessment you will ever make in your life, after your decision to abide by Christ.

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