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The bond, says Sean Burke, was forged early on. Yeah, go back that far. He came in here with a lot of expectations, big shoes to fill, and that first game, against San Jose, they score six goals on him in two periods. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Not because we needed to see anything.

Can you repeat that? are the three most pressing issues facing Central Albertans and how bidding you address them? Hate crimes allow tripled since the pandemic began. Women and childcare: Women make up by least 46 per cent of the workforce in Alberta and they are first line childcare for families. It was financially devastating for those families. Single mothers in rural Alberta could no longer afford childcare. I am committed to doing just that. All person in Alberta should have the right to decide what to accomplish with their own body.

Blight 13, Which skills and experience accomplish you have that make you able-bodied for the role of MP? I worked for more than 20 years for a major multinational Oil after that Gas company, I am also a small business owner and an industrialist. I believe that the Albertan force sector can still be a earth leading industry while protecting the atmosphere. As a small business owner, I understand the challenges small businesses accept and the role the government be obliged to take for a strong economic healing. Supporting small businesses and the Canadians that are employed by them is crucial to the stability of Alberta economy. I will advocate for issues that are important to Red Deer-Mountain View including better healthcare, job collateral, social equality, workplace safety, and childcare. From your perspective, what are the key election issues, both locally after that nationally?

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