30 adventures guaranteed to make you more awesome

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By Grant Stoddard August 9, If you've spent hours daydreaming out your office window, dreaming of endless open roads and ceaseless adventure, there's a simple solution: Pack up and go. Few things are more humbling or magical than traveling—we mean that both metaphorically and physically—out of your comfort zone. So immediately adhere to step one: Begin filling your life with experiences that beggar belief. Steps two, three, and beyond will follow. To get started, here are 25 life-changing ideas. And for more subtle experiences, check out the 15 Under-the-Radar American Escapes. Everywhere you go, people will hear your funny accent and want to start a conversation with you. It's a fast track to meeting people and feeling more interesting and exotic than you could've imagined if you never left these shores. If you need a place to start, learn why Vienna is the best place for Americans to live abroad.

All in all, I think there some shared principles that run like a thread all the way through the heart of all intrepid activities. Once you know and embrace them, it may feel easier to appear up with adventure ideas of your own and then build them addicted to your life. Here they are: 1. Because you find adventure in the process. You could simply be by shank's pony down the street, cooking dinner, before going to the grocery store!

How about teach a subject you allow no clue on? It challenges you to think differently and I assume friends will get a kick absent of watching you struggle. That would be a great theater sports amusement. Annie Andre says: Elmer, what a clever idea. Are you volunteering? I would love to see my companion or any man teach ladies how to apply apply makeup.

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