New Independent Home Care Alliance to Work on Industry’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’

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But a new trade organization aims to supplement those groups and serve a very specific purpose for an underrepresented provider population. The Independent Home Care Alliance IHCA officially launched this month in an effort to unite independent home care agencies nationwide, with the goal being to leverage their market power while stardizing and improving care. He likened the concept to True Value, a hardware wholesaler with thousands of independently owned retail locations worldwide. But unlike their franchise, health system, private equity firm and venture capital firm competitors, many independent operators lack universal standards and best practices, Kaushal said.

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Groups from Utah, Arizona and Canada met for the first time to arrange material for a report they aim to forward to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. There are an estimated 40, polygamists living all the rage western areas of the U. Can you repeat that? do people think is going arrange in these towns? There are allay children being abused and still girls trying to run away. In a few rural areas, the sheriff and district prosecutor are reluctant to get catch up in what they view as a matter of religious choice or daily life, state officials say.

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