'What Is Wrong With Me?' What to Do If You Feel This Way

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Print I think I've really hurt several people's feelings. I feel really guilty. What should I do please? We all mess up now and then and wish we could hit some magical undo key. It can help a little bit to remember that most people have been in the situation you're in. What makes the difference is what you do next. Use the power of a sincere apology. Apologies can go a long way toward healing hurt or angry feelings. It takes courage to step up and admit what you did was wrong.

I sleep in late another day oh what a wonder oh what a waste. The nice lady next access talks of green beds and altogether the nice things that she wants to plant in them. I wanna grow tomatoes on the front steps. Sunflowers, bean sprouts, sweet corn after that radishes. My throat feels like a funnel filled with weet bix after that kerosene and oh no, next affair i know they call up triple o. I get adrenalin straight en route for the heart, I feel like Uma Thurman post-overdosin' kick start.

Carry I didn't do anything! If accordingly, you're like lots of kids who sometimes argue with their friends after that family members. Let's face it — it's not always easy to acquire along with sisters and brothers, parents, and friends. Kids aren't perfect after that they sometimes do things that acquire them into trouble. Saying I'm apologetic can help.

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