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Snowden wore it regularly to stay warm in the air-conditioned underground NSA Hawaii Kunia facility known as the tunnel. His coworkers assumed it was meant ironically. And a geek as gifted as Snowden could get away with a few irregularities. Months after Snowden leaked tens of thousands of the NSA's most highly classified documents to the media, the former intelligence contractor has stayed out of the limelight, rarely granting interviews or sharing personal details. A 60 Minutes episode Sunday night, meanwhile, aired NSA's officials descriptions of Snowden as a malicious hacker who cheated on an NSA entrance exam and whose work computers had to be destroyed after his departure for fear he had infected them with malware. The anonymous NSA staffer's priority in contacting me, in fact, was to refute stories that have surfaced as the NSA and the media attempt to explain how a contractor was able to obtain and leak the tens of thousands of highly classified documents that have become the biggest public disclosure of NSA secrets in history. When I reached out to the NSA's public affairs office, a spokesperson declined to comment, citing the agency's ongoing investigation into Snowden's leaks. But over the course of my communications with the NSA staffer, Snowden's former colleague offered details that shed light on both how Snowden was able to obtain the NSA's most secret files, as well as the elusive year old's character:.

Budding up in Minnesota, Alex enjoyed skiing down its snowy slopes and bouncy moguls. In high school, Alex had an aptitude for math and art. At this point, he was attract in either being a career bookish or attending medical school to be converted into a physician. Alex experienced frustration pursuing these potential paths, however, as effective in both meant he had en route for be comfortable in gray areas after that unknowns. While earning a Ph. He immediately took to its cut after that dry, evidence-based methodology. We looked by huge data sets, and that was really my first exposure to fact science. Instead of using these techniques for slow moving academic research, why not use them in a add immediate and beneficial setting? National collateral.

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