Guide to Completing an ABE Application

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These individuals may apply for Medicaid coverage through ABE. The ABE Application includes new questions on household composition, tax filing status and income. In this overview, we will share screen shots of key pages in ABE so you know what to expect. The screening tool, however, is not a substitute for a full application. Applicants are also able to use ABE to upload verification documents to support their application.

Earnings guidelines are updated each year. Assessment the All Kids Web site designed for updates. I am a single mom with two kids. I get fitness insurance from my job for my kids but it does not camouflage dental care. Can my children acquire All Kids? Because of your earnings, your children can get All Kids even if they have other fitness insurance. All Kids would be the secondary insurance to use for services that the primary insurance does not cover, such as dental care. My child has health insurance now although it costs too much each month. Can I drop it and acquire All Kids?

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