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It moved to the big leagues in Starbucks and Peets. Now you can find it pre-packaged in gas stations. Cold brew coffee is bigger than ever before. I still remember that first time I was told about brewing coffee in cold water. I thought it was just another scenario where things become more complicated than necessary. I thought it was a strange experiment for people with too much time on their hands. I was wrong. Iced coffee via cold brewing is delicious and completely legitimate.

Barter the milk choice here and choose for a sugar-free syrup or a drizzle instead to bring sugar counts well below 10g. No vanilla syrup; sub pumps sugar-free vanilla syrup. A Nutritionist's Guide to Any Starbucks Alcoholic drink Keep these five rules in attend to when asking for your favorite Starbucks drink — chances are, you'll break sugar, fat and calorie counts at once. Ask for drizzles! If you're accepted wisdom of ordering a drink made along with a flavored syrup, Sassos says a good number pumps work out to be about 5g of sugar, and grande-sized beverages typically come loaded with 4 pumps as standard. Skip whipped cream. After that consider a layer of cold boil instead.

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