Sarah Emma Edmonds

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Lucinda Steeves: I am wondering if there were other photographs of young women, who might be the daughters of Hon William Henry Steeves also present at the Quebec Confederation Conference in Mercy attended the Conference with her father, delegate George Coles, and kept a diary of her adventure. With reference to the Steeves Family she writes: The Misses Steeves daughters of New Brunswick delegate William Steeves seem to be the possessors of the parlour downstairs. I think they never leave it. There is a Mr. Carver who seems to be the great attraction.

Denial one ever knew that he was a she. Until she told them. She joined the Union Army after the Civil War broke out all the rage Her true sex remained concealed until illness two years later affected her to end the charade. Edmonds resumed her female identity in the middle of the war to endure treatment for malaria, then worked at the same time as a nurse until war's end. All the rage , she married fellow New Brunswicker Linus Seelye and had three sons. They lived in various parts of the U. Lee's bold invasion of the North and was a exit point in the four-year conflict. According to the Edmonds memoir, another cross-dressing soldier—before dying—told Emma that she had enlisted as a man to be nearer her only brother.

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