How to Deal With a Boy-Crazy Daughter

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People often have a specific idea of what parenthood will look like for them. Perhaps you've imagined they'll have all boys, or one baby boy and one baby girl. Maybe they've hoped for twins for as long as they can remember. Some couples will try to follow old-wives tale practices to conceive a certain gender baby such as eating lots of vegetables and fish to get pregnant with a girl or only having sex on certain days of the month. However, none of these things are proven to influence a baby's gender. Some couples may also turn to more scientific methods like IVF to improve their odds of having a girl or boy. However, IVF treatments are often very costly and not an option for every family. So, if you do find out that your baby isn't the sex you hoped for, how can you move past these feelings of sadness or disappointment?

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Your heart was set on having a girl or a boy , although genetics decided otherwise. It's perfectly average to feel disappointed. Here's what en route for expect if you're currently suffering as of gender-reveal blues. Right around your week appointment, people will inevitably ask, Are you hoping for a boy before a girl? Then the ultrasound reveals the results, and you pretend en route for be thrilled even though you're broken-hearted.

Why do some women only give beginning to boy or girl babies? It could be, at least in amount, due to genetics. Doctors have weighed in on what can genetically bang the sex of a baby. We all know that the X dna and Y chromosome determine whether a woman is going to have a baby girl or a baby child. But, why are some women having all boys while others are having all girls?

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