Charlotte Ink Masters: Tattoo Artists & Shops

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Artists around the Queen City specialize in various styles and expertise, giving those with the dream of being tattooed no short supply of talented artists to choose from. Stacy Smith with Tattoo Me Charlotte has her own style, one she has cultivated on her own. Though she specializes in color and geometrical designs, she brings on artists who offer a wide variety of styles—neo-traditional, fine lines, black work, water color and black and gray realism—with her biggest goal being to have things for everyone. Hayley Moran with Haylo Healing Arts is a self-described abstract artist, combining realism and illustration to translate the vision of the client. Jeremy Sloo is one of eight artists who take up residence here.

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Arrange a popular Downtown thoroughfare once abode to cathouses of a different array, three friends have joined their talents and experience to honor the bequest of Union Avenue-based female entrepreneurship. Cathouse Tattoo, located at S. Union Ave. Having parlayed a lifelong love of art into apprenticeships with established tattoo artists, and then their own stations in various shops, Van Matre, Tannehill and Gonzales honed their skills, after that built reputations, before fulfilling a all-time dream of being independent businesswomen. Accordingly there's a lot of rumors so as to the two 'co-existed.

Ehh, not quite. While some may absence to show off their ink designed for the whole world to see, others might want to have theirs all the rage a more inconspicuous spot. From clandestine finger tattoos to discreet designs arrange your hip, here are 15 absolute places to get a tattoo so as to you can easily hide or act off whenever you want. A boundary marker shared by Rosa Bluestone Perr bluestonebabe. No one except for, ya appreciate, your dentist would suspect you allow a tattoo with a placement akin to this. If you like the aim of having a tat that barely you know about or that you can surprise people with , this is the spot. Wear your beard down or layer on the jewelry and necklaces to conceal it before pull your hair up to act off your work whenever you absence. A post shared by evantattoo evantattoo. If you want to keep it hidden, though, get your design locate inside your bicep or elbow as a replacement for.

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