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This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. But have attitudes changed, and will your tats affect your chances of getting a job today? Tattoo artist Ian Parkin, who runs Inkslingers in Newcastlehas been a fan of body art from a fairly young age, getting his first ink as a teenager. Interested in North East jobs? Find job vacancy listings across a range of sectors here. There is no legislation in the UK preventing employers from discriminating against tattooed or pierced candidates, and while attitudes may be changing, some suspicion remains. When it comes to body piercings, some will stop you joining the forces.

Activate Slideshow The practice of getting pierced dates back about 5, years. Yep, the act of putting sharp objects through ones skin isn't an aim we conjured up in the ancient couple of decades — or constant centuries — but it's still holding on strong. The It Girl smiley piercing has been trending as of lately and a handful of celebrities have been seen sporting the add inconspicuous nipple piercings. Compared to accomplishment a tattoo , piercings can be a wee bit more intimidating Can you repeat that?, the idea of a complete alien sticking a foreign object in you doesn't make you giddy with excitement?! Colby Smith of New York Adorned equates the act to riding a roller coaster.

I would not have one mainly as they are permanent - you are stuck with it. Let God arrange them out. And piercings? Where did that come from?

Enigmatically, there are multiple prejudices in the general population and published data so as to concern tattooed persons, such as body criminals, having a low education, body alcohol or drug abusers, or add risky in their life style. Patients and Methods: We interviewed participants along with already existing tattoos and 20 participants just before getting a new tattoo by using an online questionnaire. The participators were asked about socio-epidemiologic aspects of tattoos in general and distinctive aspects of their own tattoo s in particular. There were no ban criteria.

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