‘They Asked To Speak To My Husband’: 26-YO On Breaking Barriers By Selling Vegan Condoms

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This hush-hush and behind-closed-doors perception of sex and contraception is jarring when you realise that India ranks third in the world when it comes to HIV cases, and that the number of unwanted pregancies are likely to reach a whopping 23 lakh due to little to no availability of contraception methods amid the lockdown. Aruna Chawla, a year-old entrepreneur from New Delhi, found similar stats when she was conducting surveys a few years ago. While making a slow transition to consumer psychology, practicing as an art and fashion law consultant, she found that the adoption rate of condoms was at only 5. So then the other option is to not take the trouble and do nothing about having safe sex. Needless to say, the burden of unwanted or unplanned pregnancies falls on the woman. A study conducted by the International Centre for Research on Women stated that women bear a larger burden of contraception due to increased awareness, while men, who are actually the decision-makers in most homes, are ill-informed and remain unwilling to engage in family planning. In JuneAruna used her funds to launch Salad, a startup that sells vegan, non-toxic and eco-conscious condoms. These use natural latex that are fragrance-free, and come with recyclable packaging.

Although when things get a bit boring in the boudoir, it is achievable to spice things up. We deposit together a list of expert—and reader-approved—sex tips that people say have helped them spice things up. As Nelly says, It's gettin' hot in herre, so take off all your attire According to tip number one! Juliana Morris suggests leaving something on—from a fierce pair of heels to a sweet string of pearls—getting almost bare can bring out your sexy area. Men, try going commando, and a minute ago unzip your jeans! Use your imagination!

Lady sex tourism is sex tourism as a result of women who travel intending to absorb in sexual activities with one before more locals, usually male sex workers. Female sex tourists may seek aspects of the sexual relationship not as a rule shared by male sex tourists, such as perceived romance and intimacy. Lady sex tourism occurs in diverse regions of the world. The demographics of female sex tourism vary by aim, but in general female sex tourists are usually classified as women as of a developed country, who travel en route for less developed countries in search of romance or sexual outlets. Some women involved with sex tourism do not use barrier contraceptives during the adult year of their visit, leaving them after that the men they have sex along with unprotected against STIs. There is an ongoing debate on terminology regarding lady sex tourism. Pruitt and LaFont bicker that the term female sex going to place of interest is not representative of the affiliation that female tourists have with area men.

The BBC has revealed its list of inspiring and influential women from about the world for This year Women is highlighting those who are hitting reset - women playing their amount to reinvent our society, our background and our world. Women from Afghanistan make up half of this year's list, some of whom appear below pseudonyms and without photos for their own safety. The resurgence of the Taliban in August has changed the lives of millions of Afghans - with girls banned from receiving consequent education, the ministry for women's affairs being disbanded, and women in a lot of cases told not to return en route for work. This year's list recognises the scope of their bravery and their achievements as they are forced en route for reset their lives. Award-winning poet after that writer, whose poetry and articles argue with patriarchal norms in Afghan culture. Lima Aafshid has worked as an all-embracing reporter and social commentator for add than five years.

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