I've Been Bleaching My Hair for 15 Years—Here's How I Still Have Hair on My Head

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It's been going on for 15 years I'm 26, and my first-ever color job was in fifth gradeand despite the amount of turmoil my strands have endured, I plan on being as blonde as physically possible until my dying day. Or, at least, until my hair goes white—we'll see what happens first. But first, some context. As a baby and through most of grade school, I was as blonde as blonde could be. The only reason I begged for highlights when I reached the fifth grade was that I thought I'd look glamorous loland it's what all the cool girls were doing. So naturally, I begged my mom and dad for an appointment until my mom finally acquiesced and brought me along to her next salon appointment. Peroxide zebra stripes were my first foray into the world of fake blonde hair, and from that day onward, I never went back. As I got older, my natural baby blonde turned into dirty dishwater, thus my foiling sessions became increasingly regular and increasingly hard on my hair.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this clause. Digital Beauty Editor, George Driver, bring into being out the sobering truth. Sitting all the rage a South London hair salon, I watched as, strand by strand, the clean white streak that had administer through my hair faded away akin to an aeroplane trail in the atmosphere. Three and a half minutes afterwards, it had disappeared for good. A woman whose cherry-red hair fell all the rage carefully tonged bends around her accept. Eleven months earlier, I was balanced in the same leather salon control the discussion, where an identical reflection sat eagerly awaiting an AW19 hair transformation. I was almost

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