COVID-19 Vaccination in Maine

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Find more data briefs on the Resources page. Hold down the control button on your keyboard and select multiple counties to view combined data. Doses administered reflects the total number of doses that have been given to people in Vermont, or were reported to Vermont. For example, we may receive the report of a Vermont resident who was vaccinated in New Hampshire at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. The dashboard defaults to showing data for Vermont residents only. As a result, these estimates may differ from those reported elsewhere in the dashboard. An additional value may also be suppressed since the total values include the true totals. Data are suppressed when there are fewer than six people vaccinated in a subgroup.

Attitude There has been limited data arrange how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals LGBT in the U. In addition, research has bring into being that LGBT individuals have higher rates of comorbidities and experience stigma after that discrimination in the health system. This may reflect the fact that larger shares of LGBT adults identify at the same time as Democrats, a group that has been disproportionately likely to get the vaccine. However, the high level of immunization among LGBT adults is notable agreed that they are a younger inhabitant. Again, this likely reflects the differences in partisan identification between the two populations. A larger share of LGBT people than non-LGBT people believe the seriousness of the pandemic has been generally underestimated by the media, which may be a reflection of the disproportionate mental health and economic struggles they have faced. Party identification, all the rage particular, tends to be a beefy predictor of vaccination intentions.

So as to statistic is especially concerning because a lot of are from the communities that allow been hit hardest by the bubonic plague. There is an urgent public fitness need, therefore, not only for the vaccine itself but also for actual messaging to ensure uptake. This is the question we addressed in our latest US trial. We used an iterative process that involved scanning the existing behavioral science literature on vaccine uptake, running 5 randomized controlled trials, and hosting 15 focus groups all the rage English and Spanish. In our absolute trial, we tested four final messages in English and Spanish with 20, people, using our online research dais, Predictiv. The messages were: 1.

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