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One evening in late August, I was discussing pandemic parenting and school opening plans with another mom from a safe distance at a pool in Denver. As we chatted, I thought to myself that she seemed like the kind of mother who had it all together—cheery, beautiful, chic in her Tory Burch one-piece, and seemingly unfazed by whining toddlers or the uncertainty of living and mothering in the time of COVID Now more and more women seem to agree. Isolation, uncertainty, overwhelming domestic duties, health concerns, and financial worries have created the perfect storm for a mental health crisis. Women have been disproportionately impacted, taking on a greater share of parenting, teaching, and household duties, and leaving the workforce at four times the rate of men.

Bespoke for text by Bryan Lufkin. Azure means boy, pink means girl. As of childhood to adulthood, marketers use gendered stereotypes and tropes to convince us to buy their products — after that it does seem to work. All the rage recent years, one sector in actual has turned its eyes on lady buyers: the alcohol industry. Pastel cocktails dazzle on Instagram to woo women drinkers. In the case of alcohol, say experts, marketing often links consumption to perceptions of what women are seeking; friendship, relaxation and empowerment. At the same time as women's socioeconomic status rose in ancient decades, their drinking habits have also, so companies use images of empowerment and busy professionals to target women Credit: Alamy. Research by Carol Emslie, a professor of substance use after that misuse at the School of Fitness and Life Sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University, shows how alcohol companies attach the fact that women want en route for retain their identities as they attempt through various life changes. Getting all together for a few drinks after act to laugh and relax was above all important for them, she says.

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