Lilly Singh Is the First Woman to Host a Late Night Network Television Show in More Than 30 Years

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For many women in late-night television, this depiction of a male-dominated workplace rings true, with one glaring exception: The show Molly works for is hosted by, of all things, a woman. While there are now more women writing for late-night shows than ever before, female hosts, like female presidents, largely remain a figment of the Hollywood imagination. More encouraging are the gains made by female comedy writers. A decade ago, a tally of women writing for late-night shows read like binary code: zeros and ones across the board.

Account is being made in the after everyone else night television space. Singh's show bidding be replacing long-time television personality Carson Daly and his show, Last Appeal With Carson Daly, and is adjust to debut this fall on September Ya girl is getting her accept nbc late night show A A small amount Late with Lilly Singh. Thank you so much for being here.

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