The 6 Worst Things You Can Say to a Guy

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Illustration by Sean McCabe. A decade before Marilyn Manson rented the apartment above a West Hollywood liquor store circaa former tenant — a label and recording studio specializing in electronic music — had built the cramped glass enclosure in the corner of a room with the goal of making uptempo, life-affirming house music. The only adornment was some foam for soundproofing on the walls. Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, soon converted the booth into what several people who dated and worked with him now describe as a solitary-confinement cell used to psychologically torture women. They say Warner frequently banished his girlfriends there, keeping them inside for hours on end to punish them for the tiniest perceived transgressions. Ashley Walters, a former assistant suing Warner for sexual assault and other charges, says he enjoyed telling people about the chamber. Ashley Morgan Smithline, who is suing him for sexual assault and unlawful imprisonmentamong other charges, tells Rolling Stone that Warner repeatedly forced her to stay in the space — which was about the size of a department-store dressing room — for hours at a time when they were dating. Even if I was screaming, no one would hear me.

I was mortified when I heard so as to song as an adult and realized it was about a boner. A small amount did I know she was essentially being very sexual. One day it just kinda clicked in my common sense when I was blaring it all the rage my room? The whole pocket ample of Trojans, horses ran free, jockeys who were there before me - I just thought she had battle horses. I just always thought it was a vague and kind of nonsensical love song. Not a evidence. I heard the lines about tasting things and I was like I guess she has some good chapstick or something. We always thought he was saying they were banging arrange the bathroom door not floor.

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